Germany permits students fleeing Ukraine to study without showing high-school certificate

Europe: The German authorities has made the decision that the school children who have escaped the war-torn nation can study in the country without the proof of graduation from high school.

The European Commission issued a statement on April 25 in which they highlighted that the Conference of Ministers of Education (KMK) had taken such a decision based on the fact that the regulation final state exams cannot be held for the student coming from Ukraine because of Russia’s full-scale military operation in the nation in this year, as per the sources.

Moreover, in this related, the President of the KMK as well as the Minister of Education of Schleswig-Holstein, Karin Prien, outlined that the children that are studying in the educational institutions have been affected by the war should not suffer any disadvantage.

According to the European Commission, it should also be made more accessible for the students of Ukraine to transfer to a German University in their first year, even if they have not completed their academic year.

Along with this, the European Commission mentioned in the statement, “Specifically, Ukrainian students who do not have a school-leaving certificate and would like to study in Germany should apply directly to the preparatory college at the university. People who are already studying should also contact the universities directly.”

Additionally, the residents of Ukraine who have been qualified for their higher education but do not allow to complete a three-stage credibility check procedure. The procedure was introduced for refugees in 2015.

The European Commission has also noted that the measures that have been taken for the Ukrainian refugees were severely criticized on social networks.

“For example, Hana Corrales asked on Twitter: “Why does a Syrian doctor have to start at minus 0, Abitur and C1 learn German, and a Ukrainian doesn’t?” Every day a new thing that you afford.”

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