Flanders: New campaign launches against use of mobile phone while driving

Flanders: The Flemish Traffic Foundation (VSV) will be introducing a new campaign this month to encourage the drivers to look on the road, not on their cell phones.

The campaign made up of a series of billboards along the roads in Flanders with messages like ‘Ignore your boss,’ ‘Ignore your lover’, and ‘Ignore your friends.’

Moreover, the awareness campaign took place very soon afterwards. The penalties were increased for the drivers that have been caught using their mobile phones behind the wheel, which can now lead to the drivers losing their license in some parts of Belgium.

Along with this, the drivers that are distracted while driving are showing an upward trend.

As per the data issued by the sources, there was research held in which over eight out of ten drivers use phones while driving their cars.

In addition, Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters mentioned in the statement, “Distraction is and remains a major problem in traffic.”

“In 2020, 62,645 traffic offences for mobile phone use behind the wheel were recorded in Flanders. The figures for 2021 don’t look too rosy either with 40,258 traffic offences for the first half of that year.”

On the other hand, the posters will be shown along Flemish main roads from 2 to 29 May. There will also be radio spots on the popular stations as well as a social media campaign.

Further, Peeters added to the statement, “Through the new campaign, and we are asking drivers to focus on the road and not on their mobile phones. Even if it means that they are temporarily unavailable, after all, no call, report or message is so important that it is worth an accident.”


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