Russian authorities expel 12 Belgian embassy employees

The Russian authorities, in a recent move, expelled 12 employees of the Belgian embassy in Moscow. The move came out in retaliation against the measures taken by the government of Belgium.

As per the authorities, 12 Belgian embassy staff were sent back to their nation on Sunday, May 1.

The Foreign Ministry mentioned in the statement, “A Belgian government plane flew back and forth to Moscow on Sunday, May 1, to allow the return to Belgium of staff members of the Belgian embassy in Moscow, who were subject to expulsion by the Russian authorities, as well as members of their families.”

Moreover, a representative added to the statement, “The twelve embassy staff members who were subject to this measure have now returned to Belgium.”

As per the Belgian Foreign Affairs representative, the Belgian nation has made the decision to expel 21 Russian diplomats over alleged spying in the month of March. Along with this, the Belgium security forces have found that the Russian diplomats were involved in espionage.

The Russian embassy has said no to the accusation that has been made.

Along with this, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson emphasized that “our embassy in Moscow remains open and continues to operate, despite this reduction in staff.”

The deadline for the Belgian diplomatic expulsion by the Russian authorities was set for May 3.

In addition, the relationship between the European Union as well as Moscow has become progressively worse from the beginning of Russia’s full-scale military operation against Ukraine. The Other EU nations have expelled diplomats, including the Netherlands, which has expelled 17 Russian diplomats.

On the other hand, Ireland expelled four, while the Czech Republic asked one Russian diplomat to leave.

Furthermore, the European Union is working on its 6th package of sanctions against Russia. The new proposal will target phasing out Russian oil imports as well as will also aim to exclude Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, from the international Swift messaging system.

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