COVID-19 infection rates dips down by 40% in Belgium: Reports

In Belgium, the cases of the COVID-19 is showing a downfall as well as the admission in the hospital has also been reduced, and it is showing an indication of betterment.

According to the data provided by the Sciensano Public Health Institute on Tuesday, between 29th January and 4th February, there were 28,815 new cases of the COVID-19 virus reported which were on a per-day basis. There has been a forty (40) percent drop in the past seven days.

Additionally, the Omicron variant has entirely destroyed the presence of the Delta variant in Belgium. The moderate number of PCR that has been taken every day was also decreasing gradually by 29 percent to around 81,950.4.

The positive test results have also been reduced as before, it set the record of the highest number of the cases, but now it has been reported at 40.5 percent, which represents the information that 40 out of 100 tests are showing positive results.

Throughout the similar week, the maximum of the 37 patients affected from the COVID-19 face death on a daily basis. Since the previous week, the percentage of the total deaths have been noticed as 25 percent.

Since the starting of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Entire cases of deaths have been recorded to 29,337.

The condition in the Belgium hospitals, between 1st to 7th February, the people that were infected with the COVID-19 infection was reported as 342.9, and as per the figures, there is a six percent the reduction since the past week.

However, the figures share the information that the individuals that died in the hospital were due to the COVID-19 variant, not the people who end up with other health issues.

On 7th February, Monday, the average count of 4,329 patients were admitted to the Belgian hospitals by getting infected by the COVID; there were over 188 on a day before Monday.

Meanwhile, there is an increase in the rate of hospitalization as people are less likely to visit doctors and hospitals during the weekend.

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