Number of people in hospitals increases; Belgian health officials said ‘no reason to worry’

In Belgium, the reduction in cases of the COVID-19 as well as the ending of the cases have been noticed. The number of people getting hospitalized increases, but the Belgian health officials said that there is no reason to worry.

The rate of people getting admitted in the hospitals has been increased to a maximum of 3 per cent from the previous week’s rate. During an interview, the virologist named Marc Van Ranst mentioned that the other figures share the information that it is falling sharply, but currently, they are falling slightly.

He said, “I expect that we will soon reach a plateau and will then see a rise again. For March 7, we will end up somewhere around 8,000 new infections, while the weekly average is now 6,181.”

Along with this, on Monday, Belgium has already switched to the code yellow in the Coronavirus barometer. The nation is still registering 143 of the people that have been infected by the virus on a per-day basis, despite the maximum of the 65 new admission that was one of the conditions for the switch.

Van Ranst stated, “We will not get to that threshold of 65 right away. But the number of deaths is still dropping, and the number of people in intensive care is now even below 200.”

He further added that the “less favourable evolution” that has been observed in the figures now is due to the lifting of the measures, a process that happened in the two stages.

“In the second half of February, we already had a wave of easing, and now again. This combined with the skiing holidays and other activities during the carnival break means that the epidemic is picking up again.”

Furthermore, he is in full support of the lifting up of the regulation, referring to a similar rise in the cases that have been reported in Denmark after it has been abandoned all of the measures.

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