Brussels: New ‘ultra-fast’ PCR tests give airport passengers result in half hour

In Brussels, the COVID-19 test, which is extremely fast, was introduced by the diagnostics that also provides the individuals with the result of a very accurate PCR test in the duration of half an hour. This has been successfully tested on the people travelling at the airport.

Moreover, the analysis in which around 600 departing on reaching to the airport passengers experienced the rapid diagnostics test in addition to their regular PCR test depicts the information that it is a real-life setting, the results of the PCR results will be given in the time of half an hour and accurate.

The CEO of miDiagnostics named, Katleen Verleysen, mentioned, “We are delighted that the pilot study has produced such outstanding results. Our COVID-19 PCR test turns out to be ultra-fast and very accurate also in this real-life setting.”

She further added, “In the follow-up step, scheduled for the end of April, we will roll out the test on a large scale.”

Meanwhile, the diagnostics COVID-19 PCT test extremely fast provides the test results only within 20 minutes without even compromising responsiveness.

The entire procedure, from the registration as well as taking a sample (carried out by Ecolog) to share the results with the passengers, was enhanced in the study around half an hour.

According to the Managing Director EcoCare named Mohammed Zafar, “The passengers were relieved to receive their results fast as well as so have certainty about their healthiness and travel situation.”

Zafar said the miDiagnostics PCR Test increase the opportunity of travelling, and it also makes travel even safe and more accessible.

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