Belgium records over 300 unaccompanied minors

Over 300 unaccompanied minors in Belgium have registered at the Guardianship Service of the Federal Public Service of Justice from the beginning of Russia’s full-scale military operation against Ukraine.

The justice minister of Belgium named, Vincent Van Quickenborne has made the confirmation on Wednesday in response to the questions from MEPs Ben Segers (Vooruit) and Katleen Bury (Vlaams Belang) as per the sources.

Moreover, the nation has already reported around 25,000 individuals from the war-torn country since the start of Russia’s full-scale military operation against Ukraine. According to the figures from the Guardianship Service in the previous week, there were around 308 unaccompanied juveniles. There are only 34 who have been assigned a guardian.

The actual figures are likely to be much larger, but because of the large number of refugees, there is a delay in the registration at the Guardianship Service, Van Quickenborne mentioned to the Parliamentary Justice Committee.

Along with this, the fluctuation in the number is noticed on a per-day basis, but there is currently an average of about 15 to 25 new unaccompanied minor refugees daily. It is possible that this number could fall in the coming days, as the immigration department has observed a downfall in the number of refugee registrations since the end of the week.

The maximum number of unaccompanied children do not yet have a guardian, although some of them are still in the initial reception phase.

In addition, there is 90 percent of the young ones, and young individuals who have reached Belgium were accompanied by at least one family member or acquaintance.

Furthermore, Van Quickenborne had declared in the previous week that the Guardianship Service would be strengthened, with 60 additional guardians to be included.

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