Italy: Man killed adult actress, 26, cut into pieces and dumped into 4 garbage bags

Italy, Europe– A man has killed a 26-year-old adult actress, body was cut into pieces and was dumped in four garbage bags by the side of a road.

The body of the porn star garbage bag, also identified as Charlotte Angie, her body was discovered on March 20 in northern Italy.

Moreover, the killer, also a banker, bought a deep freezer to keep her body at his home before dumping it in another place.

As per the sources, her body parts had been frozen as it was stored in the deep freezer and were well preserved, her face was burned, and the investigators were trying their best to identify the victim, said the police officials. But there were tattoos on her body parts which police tried to match with any of the pictures, posing some related to missing women (Charlotte Angie).

Afterward, she was discovered as the Italian-Dutch national Carol Maltesi, who is a adult actress who worked under the name of Charlotte Angie.

Along with this, she started her career on OnlyFans at the time of the pandemic as well as was picked up by several international pornography production houses, and had completed her various shots abroad successfully.

The tattoos on her body were still visible, “step by step” on her right ankle, “wanderlust” on her right collarbone, and “elegance is the…” down her back. She also had an inverted “V” on one inner thigh, and two inverted “V’s” on the other, all of these were recognizable in many of her porn films.

Sometime later, it was clear that she was missing and had not posted anything on her social media site since the month of January, but no one had reported that she was missing.

On Tuesday, the 43-year-old banker named Davide Fontana in the northern Italian town of Brescia was charged with first aggravated degree homicide, dismemberment, and concealing a corpse.

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