Belgium claims to be fully prepared as Russia halts gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria

The Federal Energy Minister named Tinne Van Der Straeten mentioned that Belgium is fully prepared following the announcement that the Russian authorities have made about stopping the supply of gas to Poland and Bulgaria on Wednesday, April 27.

Van Der Straeten shared the information that Belgium is also expected to feel the consequences of the threat by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, while the price of the energy is already at the highest level. But till now, there has been no impact on the supply of natural gas in Belgium.

Moreover, Belgium supplies gas to the European Union as it is the hub of it but only has a minimal share of Russian gas, which is 6 percent for its own consumption.

In addition, the port of Zeebrugge is an asset, with over enough capacity to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from other nations.

At this time, she mentioned the statement, “This sad escalation by Russia shows once again how European dependence on fossil fuels is being used as a weapon. The prices of fossil fuels are rising again. High prices put Belgian families, businesses and our industry under pressure. Accelerating the energy transition is more essential than ever.”

According to the Russian state gas company Gazprom, currently, Poland and Bulgaria are not getting the Russian gas from 00:08 on Wednesday morning “due to their failure to pay in rubles,”

Along with this, the war-torn nation has called the step that has been taken “Blackmail” as well as another attempt “to divide our allies.”

However, the price of gas is increasing rapidly.

Furthermore, Putin has already mentioned that Russia would only accept payments in rubles for the gas in the previous month.

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