Belgium: Covid-19 likely to get “back in the drawer” in may, says Vandenbroucke

Europe: The Covid-19 barometer in Belgium will likely be put “Back in the drawer” for a while next month if the cases will constantly evolve favorably, says the Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke on Tuesday, April 26.

About all of the remaining measures against the Covid-19 were relaxed when the nation switched to ‘Code yellow’ on the coronavirus barometer on March 7, but the intention is to go a step further as well as remove the tool altogether at the next Consultative Committee meeting.

That meeting will take place on Friday, May 6. The cabinet of Prime Minister named Alexander De Croo made the confirmation, as per the sources.

Moreover, Vandenbroucke mentioned in the statement, “If the epidemic continues to evolve favorably and the virus circulates little, then we can put the barometer back in the drawer for a while.” That does not mean it will be put away completely.

He further added, “If the virus continues to circulate like today, it will not work yet. But I am hopeful because I see that the strength of the epidemic continues to decline.”

Along with this, the Sciensano National Health Institute made the announcement that all of the parameters on Tuesday, number of the confirmed new infection per day, health care center, Covid-19 patients in intensive care as well as the death related to the Covid, are indeed showing a downward trend.

Since the authorities have made the decision to switch to ‘Code yellow,’ the Consultative Committee that is expected to decide to do away with the barometer has already been postponed twice.

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