Georgia marks 5 years of visa-free travel to European Union

It has been five years of the agreement on the visa liberalization between Georgia and the European Union. As per the information provided by the sources, Georgia has marked the fifth anniversary of traveling visa-free in the European Union.

The Georgian biometric passport holders have been able to travel to around 26 Schengen Area nations, among the other nations such as France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and more, for short term trips and for the objective of tourism, business, as well as visiting family members & friends.

Moreover, the Prime Minister of Georgia named Irakli Garibashvili on social media about this achievement.

Along with this, the prime minister mentioned on his Twitter account, “Today marks the 5th anniversary of visa-free regime with the EU โ€“ historic achievement and another step on Georgia’s European integration path. Our Gov’t spares no effort to effectively implement the irreversible European choice of the Georgian people, ultimately leading to the country’s EU membership!”

On Monday, during the gathering of the authorities, the Prime Minister called the agreement for visa-free travel to the EU member nations an excellent achievement for Georgia, asserting the similar result of the work as well as efforts of the government of Georgia.

However, the milestone has been celebrated by the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia named, Shalva Papuashvili, who has highlighted the strength of the passport of Georgia, which enable the holders to travel visa-free to a maximum of 72 world nations as well as with a visa on reaching to the other 47 world nations.

Meanwhile, the chairmen mentioned in the statement on social media, “Today, we mark the 5th anniversary of visa-free regime with EU/Schengen Zone โ€“ a vital tangible benefit for Georgia’s citizens resulting from the ever-increasing EU-Georgia partnership. Georgia’s passport has a string value, being on 30th place in global ranking with no visa/visa on arrival in 119 states.”

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