Alexis Tsipras recalls disabled fellow citizens on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Greece: Alexis Tsipras, President of SYRIZA, a political party in Greece, recalls the disabled fellow citizens who have experienced inequality in public spaces, on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022, on December 3. 

He took to his official social media and mentioned in the statement, “We need to face the real picture to be able to reverse it, on the occasion of today’s World Day of Persons with Disabilities.”

He further added, “Our disabled fellow citizens continue to experience inequality, social exclusion, and reduced accessibility to public space, at work, and social life in the modern digital environment.”

The SYRIZA-PS National Action Plan for the Rights of the Disabled aims to change the daily life of the disabled.

They are working on to change the way damage is certified as well as restored. Among other innovative measures, the members of SYRIZA establish a personal assistant even on a 24-hour basis.

They are increasing spending on disability benefits as well as granting them regardless of age criteria. He highlighted, “We’re moving towards inclusive education so that no citizen is left behind. We are implementing the disability pass, which will be linked to their electronic folder so that it is constantly updated and “readable” everywhere.”

Read here the full statement of Alexis Tsipras:

No matter how much the mood to contribute, no matter how much the attitude of each of us plays personally towards the disabled neighbour, friend, or fellow citizen, nothing radically changes without a robust Health System. What is being decomposed by today’s government – What we will be reinforcing from day one.

In the New YOU that we have announced, we are shaping the infrastructures of hospitals and health centres so that it is easy to access people with disabilities.

We develop comprehensive healthcare services in-home care and nursing.

The goal is one and absolute: To put into practice the slogan of the disability movement “Nothing for us without us”.


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