RVers Family has best time in Berlin, shares snapshots of trip

Europe: The RVers Family, family of five, they are also the online hosts of @TheRVersTV show, shared the experienced of their great trip to Berlin, Germany.

They took to their officials Facebook account and noted, “We knew that half a day wouldn’t be enough time to see and experience the amazing city of Berlin properly, but, because of flight adjustment due to a cancelled flight, that’s all the time we had.”


To make the most of it, they did a fair bit of research ahead of time and chose a few of the best places to make quick stops at. They navigated the city by subway since it’s such a big city as well as they wanted to cover the ground quickly. They bought a day pass for Adam and he and our boys were free.

The pass covered all of them for the whole city and zones all the way out to airport for the subways and buses. Moreover, this made things run smoothly and easily for them since they needed to pack a lot into their short time.

Along with this, they visited the Berlin Wall Memorial, the Berlin Cathedral, the Berlin TV Tower, Brandenburg Gates, Gendarmenmarkt, and Checkpoint Charlie all within 4 hours (including transportation all the way into the city from their hotel near the airport).

He mentioned in the statement, “I tried to be very organized and had everything mapped out and times scheduled for how long we could stay at each location so that we got through it all with time left to make it all the way back to the airport for our evening flight! The only thing I didn’t consider was planning for was that the express train could be delayed in getting us out of the city to the airport – which it was! It was a bit close for comfort, but we made it to our gate in time to grab some German sausages on a bun for dinner before getting on our international flight back to the USA.”

All of them hope to visit Berlin again some day as well as make it a longer stay than the whirlwind trip we had as they traveled through this big city.

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