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EU High Representative Josep Borrell indicates line of cooperation between EU and Qatar

MEP Eva Kaili stated that EU High Representative Josep Borrell had indicated a line of cooperation between Qatar and the EU - New Revelations. She also mentioned receiving a letter from EU High Representative Josep Borrell.

Former Mayor Bill de Blasio shares meeting proposal to MEP Brando Benifei

MEP Brando Benifei will meet Bill de Blasio, the former Mayor of New York, after receiving an unexpected meeting proposal from Former Mayor Bill de Blasio's collaborators.

“Good academic results could be a ticket to Brussels”, states intergenerational group

An intergenerational group from the entire province visited Brussels and Bruges was invited by MEP Anna Fotyga to a conference at the European Parliament on "Security of Europe 15 years after the Russian invasion of Georgia" and stated that good academic results could be a ticket to Brussels not as MEPs, but as participants of a study visit to the European Parliament.

Operation Kaveri: 40 more Indians evacuated from Sudan

New Delhi: The situation in Sudan is intense, and yesterday's eighth flight, A C-130 Indian Airforce plane, came to India carrying 40 Indians. The number of evacuated India increased and reached 2,300, said Indian External Minister Jaishankar.

Italian PM Giorgi Meloni meets Rishi Sunak, hails UK’s immigration policy

United Kingdom: The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgi Meloni met with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak.The visit from Meloni aimed to strengthen the bilateral relations between Italy and the United Kingdom.

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