Alexis Tsipras urges women to break silence on International Day of violence against Women

Greece: On the day of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Alexis Tsipras, President of SYRIZA which is a political party in Greece, asked people to break the silence at the Keratsini Women’s Counseling Support Center – Drapetsona.

He shared the information through his official social media account, and requested people to structure the needs women and help them in restoration of the confidence.

Alexis Tsipras mentioned in the statement, “Let’s break the silence. On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, at the Keratsini Women’s Counseling Support Center – Drapetsona.”

With request, structures that meet women’s needs. And, most importantly, restoration of confidence in the delivery of justice. “Your first bet is to break the silence.”

Further he added, “Let’s eliminate the causes of domestic violence, starting with the way we educate our children.”

On the other hand, the President of SYRIZA shared another update in which the discussed the major institutional challenges the nation is facing in this current time.

He highlighted that the major institutional challenges facing the country today are inseparable from the major social issues people have to face.

Further he shared some of the fundamental priorities for Restoration of justice everywhere. At all levels, in all spheres of public life and public administration.

  • The strong presence of the state as an embankment to the arbitrariness of oligarchy and cartels.
  • Control of opaque and unjustified financing and loans given to the media.
  • The interruption of the umbilical cord between the judiciary and the executive.
  • The return of the EYP to the responsibility of the Ministry of Civil Protection and ensuring the meaningful participation of the party Committee on Institutions and Transparency and ADAE in the designation of its Director.
  • The abolition of all criminal sanctuaries established in recent years, with the first being the immunity of bank employees.

On November 24, Alexis Tsipras addressed climate change as well as reducing inequality and said this should be the two main goals that should set simulataneously.

Addressing climate change and reducing inequality are two goals that need to be set simultaneously and jointly. The achievement of one requires the achievement of the other
The new green social contract in the Mediterranean area should, in my view, be based on this double goal.

Everyone are all being called to radically change the way we live. But as we must ask the lower and middle classes to endorse needed changes more compatible with the future of the planet, at the same time we must offer them safety, protection and a strong social state with needs public and social good investments that need to be funded.

The solution is to tax the excessive profits of big business and high income people.

Only with inclusive policies within states and solidarity between states can the necessary consensus be built to save the planet.

But what solidarity are we talking about when the energy crisis in the EU is treated as if it were only a problem of efficiency and not a high cost? A cap so high that it would drive the price of gas upwards is being discussed.

It is not possible that all risk, surcharges, stock market gambling, foreclosure of risk be transferred to the end consumer while large and robust companies take no risk and have no risk.

Progressive forces, globally, must provide sustainable and inclusive solutions for the future of the planet and humanity.

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