Spy government no longer need to “set an ear” to hear what everyone: Alexis Tsipras

Greece: Alexis Tsipras-President of SYRIZA, a Political party in Greece, called the spying government no longer require to “set an ear” to hear what everyone says. Society Whoa. ” Let’s go.”

According to Alexis Tsipras statement, he noted:  

Today, if our parliamentary Democracy were functioning under normal conditions, the SYRIZA – PS Parliamentary Group would not meet. The Prime Minister would be in the plenary hall. But the Kyriakos Mitsotakis- Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic, is hiding for three consecutive Fridays.

And today, he hid again because if he were here, I would invite him to answer just one simple question:

Since you tell us that the EYP has nothing to do with illegal software, tell us if the EYP that you have under your supervision was watching as with Androulakis and Koukakis and your ministers. And more importantly, since only you have the ability, why not ask members of your government presented on Predator lists to ask ADAE to conduct scrutiny on providers to find out whether or not they were being monitored by the or the YP?

Because he knows there’s evidence, he’s hiding.

And at the same time, he leads the cover-up operation and the offensive attack of eleinology against his political opponents.

But the main argument is that he didn’t know what his nephew was doing.

That is, he is an inadequate, depleted prime minister.

He prefers to say publicly that he is inadequate than to admit that he is ruthless.

We answer him that he is something worse than inadequate and ruthless: He is dangerous for Democracy.

And he’s dangerous not only for what he did but, more importantly, why at this critical juncture, instead of assuming the responsibilities assimilated to him, he chooses to fight back with delusions of division and patriotism. The absolutely predictable refuge of any desperate.

But there is something in the nature of his attack. Mitsotakis causes us deep reflection. He chose to attack our position on the need to strengthen the country’s defence industry. A place that has been known for years.

What triggered it?

The only new element that has been added to the table in the revelations of recent days is that among the victims of the burglaries is the essentially responsible, Director of the General Directorate of Defense Equipment and Investments, anti-navy lord and lord Alexander.

And I wonder: Is the equipment manager under surveillance?

Is the Prime Minister, who is in hiding, able to deny this publicly and clearly?

Will he ask ADAE to enlighten us even though he is being watched by the EYP of Kontoleontas?

Because this is not a matter of party controversy.

It is a matter of national security.

It is an obligation to give specific answers immediately.

We will not allow the democracy deficit at home to turn into a national deficit abroad.

How our foreign policy is plagued by his own insecurities and total lack of trust and communication with the foreign minister, Trees, we see it evolve in recent days, dramatically, in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Watches aint for Mitsotakis “an accident”.

It’s a method of governance.

It is a method of securing power through gathering critical information.

From everyone, but first of all the people around him.

To ensure their silence and tolerance which is of course complicity.

Their tolerance above all in regime practice.

Piracy at the expense of the state and public funds.

In the extensive practices of looting both of public wealth with the famous golden boys that act as blue grasshoppers in the public, but with the blue crows, such as until yesterday, Grevena ND MP, Patsis.

Mitsotakis chose to put society and Democracy in front of him.

So the time has come for him to understand how powerful these opponents are.

More powerful than any media propaganda.

More powerful than any parasitic elite.

Stronger than the economic and political substitutes that put him in the Maximus Palace.

The spy government will no longer have to “set an ear” to hear what everyone has to say. Because all of society is now voicing and it’s easy for anyone to hear: Everyone’s voice turns into a mass “Leave”, against the regime of rot and decline.

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