SYRIZA PS hosts 6th European Forum from October 21-23 in Athens

Europe: The SYRIZA Progressive Alliance hosted the 6th European Forum of Progressive Forces in Athens from Friday, 21st to Sunday, October 23, under the title, “For peace, social and climate justice”.

The central political debate, in which the president of the SYRIZA Progressive Alliance, Alexis Tsipras, addressed a greeting, took place on October 21, 2022, with the participation of party leaders and important political figures, including Martina Anderson, representative of the Irish Sinn Féin in Europe, Heinz Bierbaum, president of the political party of the European Left, Udo Bullmann, MEP of the SPD and ex-President of the Euro-group of Socialists and Democrats, Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Labour of Spain; Mary Lou McDonald, president of Sinn Féin; Anna Pic, national secretary responsible for the European Sector of the French Socialist Party; Stefanos Stephanou, general secretary of AKEL and Aurélie Trouvé, president of the convention of the alliance of progressive forces of France (NUPES),

In addition, the Forum included three major thematic debates on the issues of solidarity, the climate crisis and the social and ecological orientation of Europe – war, peace and a new architecture of collective security. At the same time, throughout the three days, there was a multitude of other workshops and assemblies on individual policy issues.

The work of the Forum opened on Friday, with a greeting, among others, from the secretary of the SYRIZA PS, Rania Svigou, while the work was closed on Sunday, when the Declaration of the Forum will be approved, with the key conclusions and possible next steps of joint action of the progressive forces.

As part of the Forum, the SYRIZA Progressive Alliance organized a debate on Saturday on the topic “The future of Europe: Democratic or dystopian?” Participants were Yannis Bournos (MP SYRIZA PS), Helmut Scholz (MEP Die Linke, Germany), Marilena Koppa (associate professor of Comparative Politics at Panteion University, former MEP), Raffaella Bolini (Associazione Ricreativa e Culturale Italiana – ARCI, Italy), and Marilisa Xenogiannakopoulou (MP SYRIZA PS, former Minister).

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