Greece: Alexis Tsipras mourns death of Stavros Katsanevas, member of SYRIZA

Greece: President of SYRIZA, a Political party in Greece, Alexis Tsipras, extended his condolences for the death of Stavros Katsanevas, who was a member of the SYRIZA think tank.

Alexis Tsipras expressed his condolences via his official social media account to the family and friends of Stavros Katsanevas. He shared a picture, citing, “On the front lines of science and the Left, devoted to the ideas of social justice, member of the SYRIZA think tank, comrade and good friend, Stavros Katsanevas leaves a void in our lines and souls.”

Everyone will always remember the light that accompanied him and that only the modesty of the man who knows how to believe but also to doubt emits, says the President of SYRIZA.

On the other hand, Alexis Tsipras submitted a new Tropical Question to Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic.

Read the question here by Alexis Tsipras:

“I submit a new Topical Question to the Prime Minister: “Will you find the courage to come to Parliament to deny that you were watching the EYP prosecutor, the financial prosecutor and the head of ELAS? Will you address ADAE and the providers s to know the truth”?

For four weeks in a row, you have been denying parliamentary audit and insist not to answer, as you owe, four topical questions I have submitted to you about the major hijacking scandal. This is now an unprecedented practice, as no Prime Minister in the past has demonstrated such a devaluation of Parliament while plaguing a scandal that sets directly against the institutions and hurts the very core of the State.

In the first week, you refused to answer about the possibility of taking the country into elections with the active state centre conducting surveillance.

For the second week, you refused to respond about the possibility that some of those who were revealed to have been watching with Predator were simultaneously officially linked by the EYP.

On the third week, you refused to answer whether you can commit before the National Delegation that no minister of your government, no secretary general, member of Parliament or MEP, and no journalist from the lists that have been published did not parallel to illegal Predator software, was monitored by and by the EYP.

And on the fourth week, you refused to answer the question of whether you would disclose the full details of the police officers you had transferred to the NSS to operate the Predator, as well as six prominent public figures who were present and monitored by the EYP in addition to Predator.

In these four weeks of denying self-evident parliamentary oversight, you have, however found plenty of time for pre-election-type events and party fiestas in a sheltered environment and indulge in unprecedented divisive e odds against your political rivals but time to do your institutional role and respond finally to the critical questions about the hijacking scandal in Parliament, you have not found for a month.

It is now clear that you are hiding from Parliament because you are guilty.

You’re ethnocentric who set up the paradigm and ordered the surveillance either through official EYP connections or through the malicious Predator software. And hide exactly because you have no convincing answer to give.

However, despite your unprecedented refusal to answer the persistent questions in Parliament, and new revelations that saw the light of the newspaper “Documento” on 27/11, sadly confirm our concern that it has been hit to the core of the democratic function of the State.

Because apart from your political opponents, associates, ministers, government officials who managed large funds and community resources, journalists and businessmen, the news reports reveal you were watching meh ri and the Captain of Hell AS and, for almost three months, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Civil Protection, Michalis Karamalaki, the EYP prosecutor, Vlachos, as well as the financial prosecutor, Christo Bardakis who handles important economic corruption cases.

Given that at the time you hide and talk about myths, the valid judicial report of the newspaper “Kathimerini” revealed in its yesterday’s paper that the prosecutors “have formed certainty for the uncovering and betting of the parties lawless stalking .”

Given that none of your ministers who were allegedly offended with Predator has dared to challenge the revelations but neither to seek Justice against the journalists who made them.

Given that EYP and Predator were working jointly, with the assistance of detached police officers, for the exact same centre, which is none other than the Prime Minister’s office.

Given finally, the latest revelations about the monitoring of the Chief of the EL. AS and prosecutors are directly against the institutions of the country and affect the core of the state.

A question from the prime minister:

1. You will find the courage to come to Parliament and deny before the National Delegation that the paradigm centre set up in your prime minister’s office was watching the EYP Prosecutor, the financial prosecutor and the Chief of the EU YOU?

2. Do you intend to contact either ADAE or telecommunications providers in order to answer, after checking their records, if the persons published were targets of the paradigm set up at the Palace Maximou, were they officially “attached” by the EYP order?

At the end of the question, he mentioned the lover, Alexis Tsipras, Leader of the Opposition.

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