Workers from Russia, Belarus plans to enter Lithuania amid war

The workers from Russia and Belarus have planned to enter Lithuania because of Russia’s full-scale military operation against Ukraine and the war that will welcome this Baltic nation.

As per the information shared by the sources, all of the workers will be treated with caution.

Along with this, there are some of the comments from the Foreign Minister from Lithuania named Gabrielius Landsbergis. At the same time, he highlighted that Russian and Belarusian companies that have been resettled to the Baltic States would pay taxes that latter will be used for assistance to Ukraine.

Moreover, Minister Landsbergis has emphasized related to this issue, “A significant number of them [workers] are coming. They are from multinational companies with either headquarters or one of their branches in Lithuania. They merge their offices and continue their operations. They will pay taxes to Lithuania, and Lithuania uses the money to help Ukraine.”

The Foreign Minister of Lithuania has believed that it is a very simple as well as practical aspect of benefit, “when we take money out of Russia and give it to the Ukrainians in the form of weapons or humanitarian aid.”

Additionally, the Minister has outlined the fact that Lithuania is ready to take in their individuals, and he has assessed the risk of opening its doors to citizens from Russia.

Lithuania has executed simplified procedures in order to reduce the transfer of the staff and their family members to Lithuania by Russian and Belarusian businesses that have Lithuanian-registered companies of the identical group.

From the time since Russia’s full-scale military operation against Ukraine, who are escaping from the war-torn nation, the authorities in Lithuania have opened their doors to a large number of refugees.

Furthermore, the authorities in Lithuania have recorded that up to this point, a maximum number of 32,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in the nation.

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