Putin waging war against “Unity Of Europe”, says German President.

During his speech in the Western German city of Paderborn, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called the war initiated by Russian President.

First Russian female military woman dies in Ukraine war: Reports

The first Russian female troop died in Ukraine four as well as a half months into Russia's full-scale military operation against its pro-Western neighbour, as per the sources.

Russia-Ukraine war, climate change, pandemic results in increase in food prices: Reports

The invasion of the war-torn nation, the climate change as well as the pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented rapid increase in food prices.

Around 84% of women fled Ukraine reached Germany since war begins: BMI

Eighty-four percent of the maximum number of individuals that have reached Germany escaping the war-torn nation are female, as per the data shared by the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Germany (BMI).

Workers from Russia, Belarus plans to enter Lithuania amid war

The workers from Russia and Belarus have planned to enter Lithuania because of Russia's full-scale military operation against Ukraine and the war that will welcome this Baltic nation.

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