Tourist Guide Pamela set to depart from Belgium after 60 days

Belgium: The Tourist Guide from Singapore, Pamela shares glimpse of her Day 60 through her official Facebook account Pam Goes Travelling, as she was leaving Belgium for a new city, new country.

She mentioned in the statement, “Day 60 – I was ready to leave Antwerp, leave Belgium for a new city, new country!”

Pamela went to one of the most beautiful train station in the world to catch a train to Breda, the Neatherland, well Breda is not in the radar of a typical tourist but, she stated, “I guess it’s fate that brought me here! Hahahahaaha.”

⁣Further she expressed her pleasure over meeting her family members. Her husband, Rob picked her up from the train station. It was so comforting for her to see a familiar face among the crowd. After she have settled in, it was time to tour around the city centre. Moreover, he has pretty good knowledge of the city, “Lucky me!”

Tourist Guide Pamela went for some drinks before going for the dinner. She asserted, “The dinner was something I was looking forward to ever since I added Breda to my itinerary.”

The delicious food has sooth her taste, and it was Indonesia food at Bali James as well as for my Asian standard, it was also legit authentic. Additionally, she said, “It was soooo satisfying! Absolute the best choice to kickstart my exploration into the Netherlands.”

Netherlands is the next destination on her bucket list, she is just looking forward to visit there as soon as possible and mark her quickest arrival there.

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