Tour guide Pamela shares glimps of her Day 59 in Belgium

Belgium: Pamela, a tour guide in Singapore, shared her experience of Day 59 in Belgium. She expressed her pleasure to have the whole day to discover Antwerp.

Pamela took to her official social media with the username Pam Goes Travelling and shared a glimpse of her day in Antwerp, Belgium.

At first, she explored the outer part of the city of the kingdom of Belgium, mainly to see the port. She took a ferry out to Lillo, which is a village that only has about 40 citizens. Moreover, the surrounding villages were bulldozed in 1960 to make way for the port extension, thus leaving this lone village amongst the maritime & petrochemical industries. She was completely untouristic, as well as she loved it.

Along with this, back in the city in the afternoon as well as it was raining. She went to the Plantin-moretus museum, which was a 16th-century printing house. Now it houses two of the oldest-surviving printing press and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. ⁣

The sky was already dark, but it was too early to call it a day by 5 pm. In addition, she ventured into the Zurenborg neighbourhood, where the middle-class people live in townhouses and the wealthier ones living along Cogel-Osylei, which is known for its eclectic style.

Despite not having the natural daylight to admire the details of the neighbourhood, walking along the street with just the street light had its own beauty too. At least she was able to catch glimpses into the houses to see how they live as well as what they do on a typical Sunday evening.

Furthermore, Antwerp is an underrated city that people tend to skip, but there is so much more to this city than the sparkling diamond trade.

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