Sports anchor Mzima Mzima shares schedule of FIFA World Cup 2022 matches

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar: Best Sports anchor and Commentator Mzima Mzima shared the list of group stage fixtures in Kunyan time of the FIFA World Cup. Middle East has been hosting the FIFA World Cup foe the first time. 

Here is the full list of the Matches: 

Tuesday 22 November

Group C: Argentina v Saudi Arabia (1pm)

Group D: Denmark v Tunisia (4pm) 

Group C: Mexico v Poland (7pm) 

Group D: France v Australia (10pm)

Wednesday 23 November

Group F: Morocco v Croatia (1pm)

Group E: Germany v Japan (4pm ) 

Group E: Spain v Costa Rica (7pm)

Group F: Belgium v Canada (10pm)

Thursday, 24 November

Group G: Switzerland v Cameroon (1pm)

Group H: Uruguay v South Korea (4pm)

Group H: Portugal v Ghana (7pm)

Group G: Brazil v Serbia (10:pm)

Friday, 25 November

Group B: Wales v Iran (1pm) 

Group A: Qatar v Senegal (4pm) 

Group A: Netherlands v Ecuador (7pm

Group B: England v USA (10pm)

Saturday 26 November

Group D: Tunisia v Australia (1pm)

Group C: Poland v Saudi Arabia (4pm)

Group D: France v Denmark (7pm )

Group C: Argentina v Mexico (10pm)

Sunday 27 November

Group E: Japan v Costa Rica (1pm)

Group F: Belgium v Morocco ( 4pm)

Group F: Croatia v Canada (7pm)

Group E: Spain v Germany (10pm)

Monday 28 November

Group G: Cameroon v Serbia (1pm)

Group H: South Korea v Ghana(4pm)

Group G: Brazil v Switzerland (7pm) 

Group H: Portugal v Uruguay (10pm)

Tuesday 29 November

Group A: Netherlands v Qatar ( 6pm), Ecuador v Senegal (6pm) – 

Group B: Wales v England (10pm), Iran v USA (10pm) 

Wednesday 30 November

Group C: Poland v Argentina (10pm), Saudi Arabia v Mexico (10pm)  

Group D: Tunisia v France (6pm), Australia v Denmark (6pm)

Thursday 1 December

Group F: Croatia v Belgium ( 6pm), Canada v Morocco (6pm) 

Group E: Japan v Spain (10pm) Costa Rica v Germany (10pm)

Friday 2 December

Group H: South Korea v Portugal (6pm) Ghana v Uruguay (6pm)

Group G: Cameroon v Brazil (10pm) Serbia v Switzerland (10pm)

On the other hand, the information shared by NDTV, it is the most highly priced World Cup in the history. 


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