German Couple shares experience to Valkenburg cave market with their dog

Europe: A couple residing in Germany has been running a website by the name of their pet dog Jasper- “Hello it’s Jasper.” Thus far, their adventure pup has officially visited every EU country. They have shared their recent experience in visiting the Valkenburg cave market. 

They took to their official social media account and noted, “Are the Valkenburg cave markets worth it?”

Further, the couple mentioned in the statement, “Not going to lie, I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to visit this market. With everyone giving mixed reviews of loving/hating it, I was torn.”


Here is the list of experiences they shared for people to plan accordingly: 

  •  Valkenburg’s municipal cave is Europe’s largest underground Christmas market. The couple’s personal experience with their dog Jasper was pleasant. Along with this, the cave offered photo opportunities as well as a large eating area. While they were not a big fan of the many trinket vendors selling run-of-the-mill items, there were a few hidden gems.

They purchased a handmade sandstone ornament that was crafted right in front of us and a giant tote of cured Limburg pork belly + cheese.

  • The velvet cave was not for them, as they mentioned. It was filled to the brim with people as well as had many repeat vendors.
  • Mergelrijk cave is the place they have mixed feelings about. It has beautiful 3D photo areas and allows the person to carve sandstone, but after that… it’s primarily miniatures + sandstone carvings. Other than the entry price, “we enjoyed it.”
  • Santa’s village…tiny and disappointing. If anyone collects mugs, they have a Santa one, but that’s the only highlight.
  • Winter Wonderland was nice. They loved the cable car as well as their unique mug, but the market is small. The drinks + food were good.
  • Frosty Fairytale is located at the top of Winter Wonderland (past the market). Only do this if one has kids. It was cute, but definitely for kinder.
  • The city was filled with delicious restaurants! Highly recommend following the culinary route.
  • None of the caves allows dogs (according to the website).

They shared the narrow-down plan with the people who are thinking of visiting this place with their family and pet. Thus far, they have more than 3,000 followers on their social media accounts. 

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