New Zealand welcomes vaccinated people from 60 nations, including Belgium

New Zealand is giving access to the individuals that are vaccinated from about 60 nations that do not require a visa, also including Belgium. This step has been taken for the first time in two consecutive years.

On Monday, May 2, the first international travelers that have reached Auckland airport as well as the Tourism Minister of New Zealand named, Stuart Nash has, expected 33,000 visitors in a single week.

Nash mentioned in the statement, “Today is a day to celebrate, and it is a great moment that reconnects us with the world.”

Moreover, the rules and regulations for Coronavirus infection are among the strictest in the entire worldwide.

The family and friends had emotional reunions after the years they spent apart due to New Zealand’s COVID-19 restrictions, which were among the most stringent in the world.

Along with this, in March 2020, New Zealand closed its border to almost all travelers. The nation of around 5 million individuals has from reported nearly 1 million cases as well as some 700 deaths since the beginning of the crisis.

Furthermore, the travelers will still have to undergo a COVID-19 test upon departure as well as arrival, but self-isolation will no longer be needed.

On the other hand, a complete reopening of the borders for all of the visa categories is expected in the month of October.

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