Russia: Former McDonald’s restaurants re branded as ‘Vkusno I tochka’, set to open in Moscow

Former McDonald's restaurants in Russia have been rebranded "Vkusno I tochka" ("Delicious. Full Stop") and are set to open in Moscow to fill the void left by the golden arches.

Russian authorities expel 12 Belgian embassy employees

The Russian authorities, in a recent move, expelled 12 employees of the Belgian embassy in Moscow. The move came out in retaliation against the measures taken by the government of Belgium.

Ukraine receives €7.7 million from Japanese Billionaire amid crisis

On 27 February Sunday, The billionaire of Japan named Hiroshi Mikitani has declared that he was going to donate around one billion yen which is approximately €7.7 million, to the government of Ukraine by highlighting the military attack in Ukraine.

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