Belgian government launches new application against COVID-19

The federal government of Belgium launched the latest Android and IOS application on May 1. This app is going to help in defeating the COVID-19 infection, as per the report following an Inter-Ministerial Conference (CIM) of Public Health Ministers.

It is the third application the government of Belgium has come up with for working to manage and tackle the COVID-19 infection. Previously, the Coronavirus application that was launched by the government included Coronaleart as well as CovidSafe, which the government has described as “not only convenient but also very popular.”

Moreover, the Coronalert app has been downloaded about 3.9 million times and CovidSafe more than 8.6 million times, according to the government figures.

The new app has been introduced to bring together the COVID-19 services as well as information under one interface. With the application, the citizens of Belgium can generate the testing codes, be warned of the cases of high-risk COVID contacts, and consult the local COVID policies.

Along with this, the minister mentioned in the statement, “The COVID-19 crisis has shown once again the importance of correct and reliable government information that the citizen can find in a user-friendly way.”

As per the report, the previous old text-based system was costly for the public authorities as well as the new app will be more secure against fraud and identity theft.

The GovApp has been developed by the Flemish developer Digitaal Vlaanderen and ICT collective ASBL Smals and will not be needed any of the login credentials to use. The app gives permission to the users to log in using just their mobile phone number. All the application’s data is encrypted end to end.

Furthermore, it is not yet clear how many Belgium individuals will actually download the application. The COVID measures, as well as cases, are at some of their lowest from the beginning of the pandemic.

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