Over 2,000 people still occupies beds in Belgian hospitals, says experts

In Belgium, the number of people getting admitted to health care centres is gradually decreasing, and there are around 150 admissions of COVID patients in all over nation hospitals daily.

According to the update provided by the Sciensano public health institute, on Saturday, March 5, between February 26 to March 4, there are 150 individuals that are currently admitted to the hospitals by getting infected by the variant of the COVID-19 on a daily basis, that is, 24 percent less as compared to the last week.

Moreover, as cases of COVID infected people are decreasing rapidly, by observing the current situation, the Consultative Committee has made the decision to switch the Coronavirus Barometer to code yellow from Monday.

Along with this, the active cases of the people hospitalized because of the Novel Coronavirus has been reported as 2,056, which is 18 percent less than last week. Currently, there are 217 patients that are noticed in the intensive Care Unit (ICU), which has been decreased by 13 percent.

On the other hand, between February 23 to March 1, on an average basis, 5,854 of the Cases of the COVID has been recorded on a daily basis, which is noticed as 24 percent less than the last week. The rate of the positive cases was 18.9 percent varying from 24.9 percent in Limburg to 10.9 percent in Brussels.

Meanwhile, the average number of individuals that are facing death on a per-day basis by getting infected from the COVID-19 has been reduced by 37 percent to 20.4. From the beginning of the pandemic, the cumulative total count of the casualties has been recorded as 30,259.

However, there are 11 percent of the admissions in the ICU every month of the individuals getting infected by the COVID infection.

Furthermore, The virus is currently reproducing at a rate of 0.86. When the rate down below 1.0, it shows that pandemic is slowing.

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