Belgium: Cinema Federation reacts favorably to decision of lifting up facial masks

In Belgium, the Federation of the Cinemas in the nations has supported the decision that has been made by the Consultative Committee to switch the code of the Coronavirus barometer to Yellow from the coming March 7.

On Friday, March 4, the Secretary-General of the Federation named Thierry Laermans mentioned, “We are happy. Not only is there no more gauge limiting cinema halls’ capacity, but it is above all no longer necessary to check for the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) and the wearing of facemasks.”

Along with this, the Code Yellow in the Coronavirus Barometer signifies that the majority of the rules and regulations will be relaxed as it was taken into consideration to defeat the variant of COVID-19 infection and to stop the spread of the disease, including no more Covid Safe Ticket (CST), gauges as well as mandate face covers. On the other hand, the face masks will be required only in public transport and in the institution for individuals that are more than the age of 12-year-old.

Thierry Laermans asserted, “We’ve been waiting for this transition to Code Yellow for a long time. It’s a bit of a pity, nevertheless, that it has come after the recreational holidays (Carnival). We had to close for a long time, and the measures imposed on us were stricter than in other sectors, but we are coming out of it, and one needs to look at the positive side and hope there will be no more waves.”

Meanwhile, the health situation is getting better in the entire country. The Federation’s members are even going through the economic crisis generated by this situation. Mr. Laermans mentioned, “Now we are waiting for the assistance. Now we are waiting for the assistance.”

Laermans believes that this is not going to be uncomplicated as “investments were delayed due to the losses”, which was caused because of the health issues and, on the other hand, due to the current energy prices.

He said, “Energy costs are high for cinema halls (heating, projectors, ventilation etc.)” and further mentioned by the problematic situation in Ukraine, things could go more complex and worst.

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