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Major COVID-19 indicators continue to decrease in Belgium: Reports

From the maximum number of new COVID-19 cases to the number of patients being treated in intensive care and hospitals, all of the major indicators of the pandemic continue to decrease in Belgium.

Over 2,000 people still occupies beds in Belgian hospitals, says experts

In Belgium, the number of people getting admitted to health care centers is gradually decreasing, and there are around 150 admissions of COVID patients in all over nation hospitals.

Belgium: Number of COVID patients in ICU decreases

In Belgium, the maximum number of individuals affected by the COVID-19 infection is being provided with the treatment in the intensive care unit has been showing a downfall of below 300, which was the first time.

Europe reports u-turn of COVID-19 infections, fears of ‘twindemic’:Experts

The Influenza has again made u-turn towards Europe as it is spreading at a rapid pace in this winter season after almost fading away...

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