Receiving booster vaccination dose is the best way to a carefree summer: Steven Van Gucht

In Belgium, receiving the booster vaccination dose is the most reasonable way to make sure that in the coming time, it will help in fighting the COVID-19 variant, as per the information provided by the virologist named Steven Van Gucht.

Moreover, the virologist Gucht has introduced the booster campaign in Belgium, which was “Naturally a success,” he mentioned that the figures depict the information that it is creating eagerness to get the third dose of the vaccine.

Gucht further mentioned, “The booster vaccination helps the person to stay protected and safe from the condition, and it will also create an easy-going summer season.” Promoting the vaccine to the eligible people for the booster vaccination and drawing attention towards the significant regional differences.

Additionally, in Flanders, there is around 64 percent of the residents have already received their booster than the 48 percent in Wallonia. Meanwhile, in Brussels, there is 31 per cent.

The aggregate count of the citizens of Belgium that have got the booster jabs are near about 6.4 million.

The people who are vaccinated over the age of 65 are more protected and safe against the new variant of COVID-19 of 75 percent, and the cases of the people getting admitted to the hospital are also reduced.

The admission in the Intensive Care Unit has been decreased because of the Booster vaccination shots.

Apart from this, “The booster vaccination leads to the strong immunity in the residents, which represents better safety and protection of the people and will help the people be secure from the coming variants of the COVID-19. “

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