Close sky over Ukraine, says Prez Zelenskyy amid Russian missiles destroys airport in Vinnytsia

In Russia, on Sunday, a continuous attack of the Russian missiles has left the civilian airport in a devastating condition in Vinnytsia in central Ukraine, says the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

It has been the 11th day of Russia’s full-scale military operation in Ukraine, and the President mentioned, “I have just been informed about a missile strike on Vinnytsia. Eight rockets … The airport was completely destroyed.”

Along with this, Russia has denied the invasion on civilian locations.

Various cities and the airbases in Ukraine have been attacked, shot and has been destroyed with ballistic missiles since Russia has launched the attack.

Moreover, Vinnytsia is a city on the Southern Bug River in west-central Ukraine and is far from the borders of Russia and Belarus. In this area, there are only fewer strikes noticed.

On February 24, the campaign was launched, and Moscow has named it a “special military operation,” declaring they had no motive to occupy Ukraine, which was the part of the Soviet Union under Moscow’s swat, but it has now been turned to towards the West as well as is looking for the membership in NATO and the European Union.

Zelenskyy has also continued his request related to the Western powers enforcing a no-fly zone over Ukraine to stop more Russian invasions.

He mentioned, “We repeat daily: close the sky over Ukraine. stop for all Russian missiles, for Russian combat aircraft, for all their terrorists.”

“If you do not provide us at least planes so we can protect ourselves, there is only one thing to say at the end: you want us to be killed gradually.”

The President of Russia named Vladimir Putin had a gathering with the flight personnel, all of the students, as well as workers of the Aeroflot Aviation School.

On Saturday, Putin has alerted that Moscow would consider a third-party declaration to close the airspace of Ukraine to be a hostile act.

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