Health Care Officials in Belgium are prescribing nature as a treatment

In Belgium, the doctors advise the individuals to spend most of the time outdoors, mainly to the people admitted in the health care centres and the patients suffering from a health-related issue for the medication.

Moreover, it has been proven that this is the outdoors has various positive side effects, and people worldwide are more aware that it is more beneficial to sit outside as compared to having a medication.

In Canada and on Scotland’s Shetland island, the health care officials have been prescribing the people on the nature for a long time.

As per the Care and the Natural Environment department coordinator at the University of Antwerp (UAntwerpen), Hans Keune, the trend of directing individuals to stay outdoors in nature is also getting the preference by the authorities Belgium.

He further mentioned, “As humans, we have an innate connection with nature. It has appeared that spending time in green spaces makes us more comfortable and created.”

“Nature as an element can certainly donate as well as it can do so many things at once. A pill can usually do one thing, on some time it is two, and therapy is also often very targeted, but the nature can offer many benefits at once.”

According to Keune, the tendency of giving prescribing nature is attracting more and more interest in between the doctors, mainly around general practitioner who is still under training. “They are rising to choose this theme for their own studies and trying to implement it via research.”

Along with this, one general practitioner at UAntwerpen named Lotte Mortier De Borger is working on her master thesis on encouraging the advantages between nature and health.

Additionally, She said the advice is usually provided verbally to the people for staying outside to the patients suffering from tension or stress.

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