Sweden to ease all entry bans on non-essential travel from third nation on April 1

Sweden, Europe- The authorities made an announcement that it will ease all of the entry bans on non-essential travel from the third nation from the beginning of April 1.

The decision to stop expanding the entry ban on non-EU/EEA travellers has been announced by the Swedish Ministry of Justice mentioned in a statement on March 25, as per the sources.

Along with this, in the statement, it has been stated, “This also means that the requirement to present vaccination and test certificates when entering Sweden will be removed.”

It also highlighted that since the pandemic has started, it has entered into a new phase due to the high number of vaccinated individuals against the variant of the COVID-19 infection and the existing milder virus variants.

Moreover, the Minister for Justice and the Home Affairs named Morgan Johansson mentioned related to the move, “We have already lifted the entry ban within the EU. The government has decided not to extend the entry ban from third countries. This will make it much easier for everyone who has been prevented from coming to Sweden in recent years due to the pandemic.”

On February 9, Sweden has eased up all of the entry restrictions on people travelling from the other European Union as well as the European Economic Area, regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice stated, “As part of the continuing work to phase out the infection control measures against COVID-19, the government today decided to lift all restrictions on entry to Sweden from the Nordic countries and other EU and EEA countries.”

On March 8, the Swedish Government has decided to no longer classify the Coronavirus as a “generally and socially dangerous” virus despite increasing cases of individuals getting infected by the COVID-19 virus in the entire nation.

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