Over 2.5 million people left Ukraine since Russian invasion: UN

Millions of the refugees from Ukraine has been forced to escape from their homes towards the neighbouring nations for shelter and protection because of Russia’s full-scale operation against Ukraine.

As per the recent data provided by the United Nations, over 2.5 million Ukrainians has left Ukraine up until now entirely, and the remaining ones are set to leave.

On Sunday, March 6, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNNHCR) named Filippo Grandi, in a Twitter post, mentioned that, since the time of World War II, this time is the movement of individuals constitutes the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe.

Along with this, on March 13, he mentioned on Twitter, “As airstrikes and shelling intensify in Ukraine, more people seek shelter away from their homes. The Ukrainian authorities, brave citizens and humanitarian agencies help as they can, despite huge risks. Targeting civilian people and structures violates international law.”

The majority of the European nations are going a large influx of refugees as the fighting nations as well as their numbers are often varied by the country.

Moreover, the UNHCR data depicts the information that the nation has received the most of the refugees since the invasion has been started.

Additionally, the neighbouring refugee nations of Ukraine are Romania, Slovakia, Moldova and Hungary. These countries have provided access to many Ukrainian refugees, including,

Moldova -328,000
Hungary -245,000
Slovakia -195,000
Romania -173,000

The majority of the refugees that are escaping are women as well as children because Ukrainian men between 18 & 60 were not allowed to leave the nation after the government enforced martial law.

Furthermore, the European nations, including Germany and the Czech Republic, also welcomed tens of thousands of people from the war-torn country.

On the other hand, on Saturday, around 123,000 refugees have got entry into Germany.

The Interior Minister of Germany named, Nancy Faeser, mentioned that they are prepared to give access to the individuals escaping from Ukraine regardless of their nationality.

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