Greece: Alexis Tsipras seeks governance without Troika control

Greece: The Greek opposition leader, Alexis Tsipras, has once again expressed his urge for the governance of the country with their own program, with no Troika interference.

As Alexis Tsipras stated, “History doesn’t owe me anything; I do. An opportunity to govern with our own program and not with the Troika over our heads.

We took over the government. We now know what can and can’t. We speak of miracles. But we say that the great injustice should stop that the average family can’t make it through the month while at the same time, 15 companies make twenty-year records in profits with one billion euros each.

And now Mr Mitsotakis wants a debate with all the leaders. Then Let it be. But it avoids incense like hell to sit at a table the two of us to submit our proposals, to compare. And this, while he himself says that the election dilemma is “Mitsotakis or Tsipras”.

Three commitments: raise wages, lower prices, adjusting debts. With the minimum in the private sector at 880 euros and the establishment on an annual basis of automatic tariff adjustment. 10% pay raise in the State as well because these people have 12 years to see raises.Mr Mitsotakis apologizes for issues that every European country gives up. Sorry that your nephew was raiding inside Maximou, in the office next to you.

Sorry, your minister was telling Parliament, “it is a shame to talk about rail safety”, and ten days later, we have this tragedy?
We were just talking. We moved on to Mr view Alivizatou, and we filed an amendment, which Mitsotakis – Voridis rejected.

Now they come to correct their first mistake with a second one. They don’t use a brain. With the institutional amateurism, they show, they have become sponsors of the Far Right.”

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