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COVID-19 cases across Germany are twice high as compared to reported cases: Minister

The Federal Minister of Germany for Health named, Karl Lauterbach, mentioned in a statement that the cases of the COVID-19 infection are two times much higher than as compared to the official reported cases.

France lifts obligations to be vaccinated to access most venues

In France, on March 14, Monday the authorities have declared that the obligation of the vaccination mandates had been lifted up. The individuals can travel to the majority of the places and events in the nation without any issue.

New COVID-19 cases across Belgium continues to face downtrend, says officials

In Belgium, the number of new COVID-19 infections has been reduced to under 6,400 on a regular basis. The overall epidemiological situation in the nation is constantly improving beyond the coming Consultative Committee.

Distribution for Novavax vaccine will begin in Wallonia on 5 March

In Wallonia, on 1 March Tuesday, the distribution of the Novavax vaccine for COVID-19 will start on 5 March.

COVID-19 situation gets better in Belgium

In Belgium, the number of individuals getting admitted by getting infected by the COVID-19 to health care centres has been decreased from 20 percent in the last seven days.

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