Businessman Johnny Hon shares experience of attending Belgium king’s Day

Belgium: A Hong Kong-born international businessman, an innovative entrepreneur and founder, Dr Johnny Hon expressed pleasure in joining and experiencing the celebration of king’s Day in Belgium.

He took to his official social media and outlined his various activities as well as interactions on Belgium’s King’s Day.

Johnny Hon mentioned in the statement, “Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure to join and experience the celebration of Belgium’s King’s Day, hosted by the Consul General of Belgium in Hong Kong, SAR David Lomastro and his wife, at The Peak Lookout.”

King’s Day is a unique occasion, also known as Dynasty Day or Feast of the Dynasty, and has been celebrated in Belgium since 1866 in honour of the first Belgian King, Leopold I. It is a lovely historical and cultural celebration, and he said, “I was delighted to attend.”

Belgium is an incredible country with much to offer. It is rich in history and culture and is home to the European Union headquarters. It is consistently ranked among the best places to live in the world due to the country’s exceptional living conditions.

On the business spectrum, in recent years, Belgium has become a hotspot for startups and a thriving ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Venture capital funding is more readily available, and startups across a range of industries, such as fintech, biotech and IT consultancy, among others, have seen incredible attention and growth.

Belgium boasts an open, entrepreneur-friendly environment and innovation-driven economy and is an ideal location base to reach the European consumer market – all of which make Belgium an excellent country for investment opportunities.

Along with this, Dr Johnny Hon asserted that he hopes to have the occasion to visit Belgium in the very near future to look at potential projects.

It was a pleasure to engage in the occasion of King’s Day with fellow diplomatic colleagues and many banking, finance and investment professionals, among others, and gain some great insight into the vast opportunity and future prospects in Belgium.

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