Do you know some unusual facts about Food

Food is something on which the survival of life. People always feel interested in some unusual facts about Food. Food always mesmerizes people, whether it is rich or poor people.

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1. Honey is the only Food in the world that doesn’t spoil.

2. Bread is the first snack made by man. Bread is as old as mankind. All other snacks broke out from bread making.

3. Water is the only ingredient in cooking and in baking that is not bought when you are purchasing your ingredients. Water is also the only cooking and baking ingredient that is not even listed among the ingredients in a recipe.

4. Hot dog is not made with dog, but rather it is made with ground pork, beef or poultry, or combination of them.

5. Avocados don’t ripen on the tree. Avocados actually can’t start ripening until they are disconnected from their stems.

6. Expiration dates on bottle water have nothing to do with the water. Water can’t expire, but the plastic bottles will eventually start leaking chemicals into the water. It won’t make the water harmful to drink, but it will make it taste less fresh.

7. French fries originated in Belgium not in France. They are only called french fries, because they are french cut.

8. White chocolate is not chocolate, its name is deceiving, because it doesn’t have any components of regular chocolate. It is really just a mixture of sugar, milk, vanilla, lecithin and cocoa butter.

9. Cooking Oil is mostly named according to the ingredient it is made from.

10. Bread, biscuits and cakes are the three most popular snacks in the world.

11. Apples give you more energy than coffee.

12. Salt is the most used ingredient in cooking, while sugar is the most used ingredient in baking, but too much of them, is dangerous to our health.

13. Not eating before bed burn fat. If you eat an early dinner or skip dinner altogether, it increases the amount of fat a person burns while they are sleeping.

14. Cooking is an art, while baking is science.

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