Greece: Alexis Tsipras calls for political change to bring reformation in society

Greece: The President of the Political party SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, called for political change in order to bring reformation in society. 

He highlighted in the official statement that there is an alternative suggestion to stand up for society against the current perception. 

Alexis Tsipras said, “The sooner hope comes through political change, and the rule of law and democratic rule are restored, the better – not for one party, but for the country as a whole.”

Image Courtesy: Official Facebook of Alexis Tsipras

Recently he shared a questionnaire with the Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic-Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Which is as follows: 

  • “Do you intend to ask ADAE directly to investigate telecommunications providers, to clarify whether any of your ministers have actually been included in the lists” of predators and the process of “official” joining by the EYP?

For two weeks in a row, you have denied the parliamentary audit, and you have not come to answer the current questions I asked you.

In the first week, you refused to answer about the possibility of taking the country into elections with the active state centre conducting surveillance. 

And for the second week, you refused to answer about the possibility that some of those in the Documento newspaper publication allegedly had been illegally tracked by malicious Predator software, being in an “official” report at the same time connection from EYP.

Your persistent refusal to come to Parliament and provide answers is a witness to guilt. The non-revelation posts that followed your denials are storming and multiplying the unanswered questions.

More specifically, yesterday’s publication of the newspaper TO BIMA confirms that the illegal predator software came to Greece from your close partners and on behalf of the EYP under the guidance of the Prime Minister’s Office.

It further confirms the authenticity of the list of persons under monitored with malicious software and especially the monitoring of the Foreign Minister with a message allegedly received by the latter about a year ago.

Given that in the revealing publication of Step, there was no denial nor the strong reaction, which you yourself reserved in the publication of the Documento newspaper a week ago.

Given that the list of people on watch witnesses the existence of a cross-state network that is beyond political influence seeking helpful information about business developments in our area.

Given that the extremist mechanism was also targeted by the flow of money associated even with equipment programs, public stakeholders and large communities billions of billions.

Given that the government’s line of defence seems to have changed, and while you initially questioned the authenticity of the target list, you now claim that the government itself was ultimately the target.

Given that it is revealed that the alleged audit conducted by the National Transparency Authority under your close partner, Binny, in Intellexa and Krikel companies without even checking their bank accounts was pretentious and essentially another penny in the coverup business.

Given, finally, that despite the arbitrary reports identifying the predator with the EYP and revealing that the malicious software was operating in an area controlled by the Greek government, you continue to claim that the EYP and you are temporary, of course, you are responsible for, and you have nothing to do with the illegal software.

Alexis Tsipras said he finds it appropriate to insist on his attempt to invite him to come to Parliament, as is befitting in the Parliamentary Republic, and answer the critical questions that arise about the EYP’s relationship with the illegal predator software.

Based on the above, the Prime Minister is asked:

1. You can pledge before the National Delegation that no minister of your government, no secretary general, member of Parliament or MEP and no journalist from the published lists were illegally involved in predator software is also monitored by the EYP with the “legal” process of connection after prosecutor provision, as had happened in similar cases with Nikos Androulakis and Thanassis Koukakis?

2. Do you intend to request the consent of your ministers and other members of your government included in the list of alleged predator targets in order to immediately call on ADAE to investigate telecommunications providers so that to clarify whether there were indeed any of those who were in the “official” process connection from EYP?

In his reply, Alexis Tsipras stated, 

I am not bothered at all to reply to yesterday’s rant from a panicked and guilty prime minister. What concerns me is how we are going to give answers to society’s problems. 

Wherever one is in the country, one faces the same insecurity, the same despair from citizens, from market people who groan against this unprecedented wave of accuracy. 

And unfortunately, there are no substantive measures to curb accuracy because government policy wants this looting to continue in order to support the few and powerful.

The government’s motto is to take them out of one pocket via VAT from consumers and pocket the cartels through subsidies.

However, this situation cannot go on like this anymore. 

Within the first 15 days, the income of the citizens was depleted, and I met today many professionals who were facing the risk of padlocks in their shops.

The country is sinking into insecurity, uncertainty and the swamp of revelations, sick revelations regarding surveillance.

I am not bothered at all to find answers today to yesterday’s rant from a panicked and guilty prime minister. What concerns me is how we are going to answer society’s problems.

The problems of citizens, which I repeat, are plunged into insecurity and uncertainty. And I believe there are answers. There is an alternative to standing up for society.

With the re-nationalization of PPC and a blow to cartels and profiteering in energy, fuel and food.

The reduction of EFK on fuel and VAT on food in order for Greek society to breathe.

With an increase in salary to 800 euros and a tariff adjustment, to deal with inflation, to boost income.

Supporting and protecting the first, middle-class housing that is currently threatened by all kinds of “Pats” they impose on borrowers with their inbox companies.

With measures that will practically support society and give hope against today’s despair.



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