Belgium: Businessman C&M Silberman congratulates mother for completing business strategy coaching call

Belgium: C&M Silberman-Helping families and individuals build the lifestyle they deserve, congratulated a beautiful mother, Flory Joy, of 2 in Belgium, for completing her business strategy coaching call.

On her official Facebook account, C&M Silberman mentioned in the statement, “Congrats to this beautiful mama Flory Joy of 2 in Belgium, for completing her business strategy coaching call
She is one step closer to becoming a digital mompreneur and becoming her own boss.”


Along with this, her biggest whys are strong as a mom. The greatest gift we can give to the young ones is time. She wants to have the flexibility to spend time and enjoy precious time with her kids.

Our proven automated system allows her to focus on her family and what’s important because business is always running in the background. She also knows that having multiple streams of income is so crucial in these days that we are living in.

Moreover, she has been looking and searching for a way to earn extra and find a legitimate business, and this business is exactly what she has been looking for. She studied the business, has seen our incredible business model and loves the fact that she doesn’t have to sell.

So grateful to be helping another family to build and create a better future Congrats, sis. “I’m so excited to have you on our team and can’t wait to see you crush your goals and dreams.”

Furthermore, they congratulated the power mentees, ReJans, for your growing business and continuing to help as well as inspire others. Business Coach, Mentor & Global Business Owner Camille.

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