Brussels judicial authorities nabs 3 suspects for double murder attempt

Three individuals have been seized for a double murder attempt that occurred on the night of the 1st and 2nd of February, according to the Brussels public prosecutor.

According to reports, the investigating magistrate has placed the three under arrest for attempted murder and possession of unauthorized firearms.

Along with this, the shooting took occurred on the playground of the building complex of five residential blocks located between Rue du Rem des Moines (Papenvest) and Rue du Grand-Serment on the night of Tuesday, February 1st, and Wednesday, February 2nd (Grootsermentstraat).

Between 00:15 and 00:30, two young guys were gravely injured by several gunfires.

Both were sent to the hospital in critical condition, but their condition improved after a few hours.

Two people were observed departing the scene on a scooter shortly after the incident.

Meanwhile, the day following the shooting, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office released an investigative report on the events, and on March 11, detectives were able to apprehend three (3) suspects.

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