Brussels: Police arrests two protestors for possessing fireworks

In Brussels, on 19th December, the two protestors were under arrest and were sentenced to prison for around two years.

As per the information provided by the Brussels public prosecutor’s office on Thursday, they were arrested at the time of the demonstration. Both the two men were in control of a massive number of fireworks which the police officers thought was planned to use against them.

Moreover, the men that are under arrest have been arrested were observed by the police officers earlier in the 19th December protest. There were extra checks held due to the violence as well as the restlessness during the last protest where it was found there were 21 bottle rockets in possession.

Along with this, the fireworks’ ability is that it can cause a severe issue even from a considerable distance, including 21 little fireworks. There were four smoke flares, a slingshot, and a few 80 paintball balls in which the paint was replaced by liquor and petrol.

According to the public prosecutor, “All of the things were investigated and certainly the material that both the men was also carrying with them and could have created a devastating explosion, Both of the suspects have the clear intention to run amok and to show unruly behaviour.”

Furthermore, they both denied that they had the terrible intention at the time of protest. One of their attorneys said, “My client is not a trouble creator and had no cruel intentions.”

“He was suffering from an anxiety disorder as well as has a hard time during the COVID measures. His psychologist has a word with him in which he is required to get in touch with the individual and perhaps have the participants in the protest. He was aware of the working of the fireworks he shared on social media that it was dangerous. He has been careless but did not mean any harm.”

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