Belgium: Over 2.2 million individuals were at risk of poverty in 2021, says data

In 2021, around 2.2 million people in Belgium were at danger of poverty or social exclusion, despite government initiatives preventing this figure from rising.

According to the Belgian statistical office Statbel’s poverty figures for 2021, around 19.3% of the Belgian population was in at least one of the three (3) situations considered at risk of poverty or social exclusion (AROPE) as defined by the European Poverty Indicator; without government benefits, this figure would have been as high as 27.8% of the population.

In  Statbel’s statement it has been mentioned that “From this, we learn that the financial measures introduced by the government during the pandemic have protected the population from poverty risks.”

According to several statistics, 13.1 percent of the Belgian population is deemed to be at danger of monetary poverty, which means that their total disposable income is less than the poverty line of €1,287 per month.

The data also revealed that 11.9 percent of the population lived in a low-work-intensity family, and that 6.3 percent of the population faced severe material and social hardship.

A total of 246,000 persons (2.2 percent of the population) in the country fell into all three risk groups, indicating that they were extremely materially and socially disadvantaged, lived in a low-work-intensity family, and were at danger of monetary poverty.

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