Six-month old girl dies to injuries she sustained while staying at Ghent crèche

In Ghent, northwest Belgium, a six-month-old girl died because of the injuries she sustained while living in a port city crèche, and despite many complaints and poor inspection scores, the place remained open.

The administrator general of the Children and Health Services (Kind en Gezin) mentioned the incident as a “Shock for the entire nursery sector.”

Kartien Verhegge mentioned, “I sit here very humbled. I became very quiet in the face of these facts and the unbelievable suffering these parents have to go through. I want to express my deepest sympathy.”

On 16 February, Wednesday, the six-month-old girl was facing severe injuries in the Ghent crèche. On Friday, the girl has died in the UZ Gent hospital as she was suffering from severe brain damage, which has been happened due to the father of the day care has hit on the head.

On Thursday, the East-Flemish public prosecutor has assigned a medical officer, and the examining magistrate has closed and sealed the crèche.

According to the Inspection report depicts the information, there are lots of inspections held in that place, and there are lots of individuals who have raised complaints against the crèche.

As per the reports and the other things, it has been mentioned that both the manager as well as the father do not know how to deal with the minor children.

In December 2016, a report stated that “A child who cries is put in a dark room with the door closed, so it doesn’t disturb the group, and a child is sometimes left to cry for up to an hour.”

In 2018, the parents of a child “Noticed an unexplained bruise,” and on the other child, a doctor diagnosed “striemvormige letsels” (in which the wounds leaves the mark) after the mother took her young one towards the emergency department.

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