Prominent Belgium artist Jan Fabre to face 5 years imprisonment for sexual harassment

The prominent post-war artist from Flanders name Jan Fabre stands trial in court for a crime, and he is accused of sexual harassment, violence as well as one case of indecent assault.

The Belgian multidisciplinary artist, playwright, stage director, choreographer and designer is the greatest living artist. He is known for his controversial visual art that has been displayed in international exhibitions. He has never stopped himself from using blood and nudity in his artworks and on the international stage.

One of his most famous creations involves the beetles in the Royal Palace and the turtle in Namur, which was named ‘Searching for Utopia’.

In 2012, he received around 20,000 complaints as well as even physical attacks as he threw a cat up a flight of stairs for one of his performances.

Moreover, in a report released in 2018, Fabre was stunned after discovering that 1 in 4 women was suffering from physical or sexual abuse in the current year alone. He mentioned, “In our company, there hasn’t been a problem with it for forty years. Never.”

Along with this, he was not able to sit correctly with about 20 of his former employees. They have mentioned an open letter addressing the sexism as well as abuse of power they have gone through in Fabre’s dance company Troubleyn.

However, the employees have mentioned that they were provided drugs as well as alcohol to feel ‘freer’, leading them to participate in daring photoshoots they were not allowed to talk about. In the letter, it was stated that “These semi-secret photo projects and sex exchanges have become a hidden currency within the company. No sex, no solo.”

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