Belgium to remove need to wear face mask on public transport

The Consultative Committee intends to deactivate Belgium's coronavirus barometer on Monday, May 23, removing the requirement to wear a face mask on public transportation after the weekend.

France: Experts call for removal of wearing of mask in public transports

France moves to lift all of the need to wear a mask on the public transport beginning of the next week, and the experts in Brussels are calling for the same to be done in Belgium.

Belgium: Cinema Federation reacts favorably to decision of lifting up facial masks

In Belgium, the Federation of the Cinemas in the nations has supported the decision that has been made by the Consultative Committee to switch the code of the Coronavirus barometer to Yellow from the coming March 7.

Italy plans to revoke decision of compulsory wearing of masks

In Italy, on 11th February, the government is working to ease the restrictions related to the facial masks mandate. As per the information provided,...

Fully vaccinated ones can now go without masks says CDC!

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in CDC has updated it's guidelines for Covid-19. CDC states that the people who have received...

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