Belgium to ease more COVID-19 measures

In Belgium, the authorities have made the decision to relax the COVID-19 measures from March 7, including wearing facial masks in the hospitality venues.

As per the official report published by the National Crisis Centre on Friday, the federal government has agreed to switch Code Yellow in the Coronavirus barometer, and this also depicts that the situation is under control.

Along with this, the decision came into existence to lift up the measures in the hospitality sector, and most public places say about the ending phase of the ” National emergency plan to fight Covid-19,” it was introduced two years before in Belgium.
The usage of facial masks will no longer be required to be compulsory in educational institutions, universities, and public places, and the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) will no longer be needed to access bars and restaurants or to attend public events.

On Friday, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo mentioned that the rules and regulations for wearing the face covers in public transport and the health care centre and the hospitals “will continue to be applied for a certain time.”

The government of Belgium has also recommended that individuals use the masks in closed public places or in areas where social distancing is restricted.

However, the travellers will no longer be required to complete a Passenger Locator Form when they arrive in the nation until they are coming from a third nation outside the European Union (EU).

The restrictions of Quarantine will be applicable for the people who will not have one of the three certificates, including vaccination, negative PCR test, or a certificate of recovery after illness, as well as for the individuals travelling from the nation with a high risk of COVID-19.

Furthermore, all of the COVID indicators are constantly decreasing in Belgium from February 22 to 28, a daily average of 6,011 of the latest cases of the COVID-19 that the Sciensano Public Health Institute has noticed.

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