Belgium to step on to Code Yellow from Monday

In Belgium, on Friday, during a press conference, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has declared that the nation is switching into Code Yellow in the Coronavirus barometer.

As per the information provided by the sources, just after the six weeks since the Consultative Committee has launched the Coronavirus barometer, now it is switching into the Code Yellow.

On March 7, Monday, Belgium is going to switch to the “code yellow” is on its Coronavirus barometer.

The Prime minister stated, “That means that from Monday, the vast majority of restrictions will disappear.”

Along with this, the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) will no longer be needed to gain entrance to the events, bars, as well as gyms as well, as the face masks burden will vanish, the individuals can travel without the facial masks. In the educational institutions, the face covers will not mandate from Monday.

On the other hand, the masks will still be imperative from the age of 12 in all of the healthcare institutions, including the health care centres and the residential care homes, as well as in public transport.

He mentioned, “However, in places where no safe distance can be maintained, it is still recommended.” For the people that are weak and their risk of getting infected increases, an FFP2 mask has also been suggested in both the indoors and the outdoor places.

The capacity limits will also be relaxed, including the concerts will have no time limit.

Furthermore, for the travellers that are entering Belgium from Friday, March 11, the European Union will no longer be required to fulfil the Passenger Locator Form (PLF).

On March 11, the federal phase of crisis management will also end. De Croo mentioned, “going to events, going to the movies, going to concerts… it is all absolutely recommended from now on.”

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