Consultative Committee to decide on COVID relaxations only after solid decision: Vandenbroucke

On Friday, the Consultative Committee of Belgium is going to have a meeting at around 2 p.m. to examine the existing situation and will have the discussion related to the change in the nation’s coronavirus barometer “code orange.”

The Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke said in the Home Affairs Committee on Tuesday the Consultative Committee would be able to have the decision related to the ease in the measures of the COVID-19 infection, “With reasonably solid ground under its feet.”

He further mentioned, “The infection is over the top as it has been recorded as the highest number of cases. The hypothesis is that the hospitalizations and the ICU occupancy will fall. This will give us permission to look forward to what is to come with reasonably solid ground under our feet on Friday.”

He further added, “The only appropriate decision that can be made is to go from code red to orange.” Additionally, the orange code means several limitations can be lifted up, including nightlife re-opening, no limiting time for the hospitality venues, as well as will allow more extensive audiences at public events.

The colour code is based on the rate of hospitalization and the ICU beds occupied. Nowadays, the nation is still in the code red, but because of the gradual decrease in the infection as well as the admissions in the hospitals is also getting better. In the case of the COVID-19 illness, the code changed to orange from red.

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